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แป้งข้าวเหนียว糯米粉 และ แป้งข้าวเจ้า粘米粉
Glutinous Rice Flour แป้งข้าวเหนียว糯米粉

Well, when we are talking Glutinous Rice Flour, then we also talking Rice Flour, they are the best match when you are making Asian dessert.
We are kneading the dough

Mr. Glutinous Rice Flour is a sticky man while Ms. Ms. Rice Flour is so attractive with different aroma depends on which type of rice. Have you ever smell the fresh grind rice to make your delicious dessert?

When you stir fry with Glutinous Rice Flour, it is a bit sticky like the paste. Actually my parents taught me to use rice with water and stir fry it to make my own paste. Nowadays all the kids just say where to buy but not how to make. Those paste is safe and good for kids.
top- Glutinous RF, bottom- Tapioca Starch

When I stir fry with Tapioca Starch, it is absolutely have the texture of my Gummies and you can just make your own gummi whatever the mold you have at home, and put a lot of sugar.

When I stir fry with Rice Flour, you can smell it "The rice is cooked". The texture just like you steam the Rice Paste 腸粉.
Or it is just where you buy the "Rice Paste" in your local stationary store.
Rice Paste Glue

After you try them individually, then it is totally how you mix them and let they dance for you. The dessert of your will be ready.




A:糕粉是一種加工粉(又名潮州粉),主要由糯米粉炒熟後磨成的細粉。粉粒鬆散,一般呈潔白色,吸水力大,遇水即黏連。在製品中呈現軟滑帶黏狀,多應用於廣東式點心、月餅和水糕皮等。糕粉可分現貨和自製兩種,前者質地比較粗糙,可是應用在料製作時,效果更佳和更適合,後者粉質比較幼細而只適合作粉背之用。 糕粉自製方法:糯米粉一包(泰國的三象牌品質比較好),墊上白雞皮紙上蒸籠乾蒸10分鐘,再用白鑊慢火炒10分鐘,即成。


Wheat Starch approximately 70% starch, 15% protein, and 15% other things like moisture and lipids. For now, lets focus on the protein, 90% of which is what we refer to as gluten. "Gluten" is technically equal amounts of two smaller proteins, glutenin and gliadin. These proteins, namely the gliadin, are the culprits and what we are trying avoid on a gluten free diet. So, the starch of the grain is "technically" not problematic once separated from the gluten proteins.
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In Hong Kong Dim Sum, you must know the famous shrimp dumpling called "Har gow" which is using the wheat starch for making the dumpling skin.

Actually, many western people afraid of the Gluten but why it doesn't appear in Asian who love to eat chewy steam buns and even use the gluten making major food for vegetarian. The key is we eat garlic and ginger mostly in our Chinese cooking which can help digest and soothe the gas inside the stomach.


所謂澄粉又叫小麥澱粉或蝦餃粉,是用麵粉加工洗去麵筋的澱粉,然後將洗過麵筋的水粉再經過沈澱,濾乾水分,再把沈澱的粉曬乾後研細的粉料。(其特徵 : 色潔白、麵細滑,做出的麵點半透明而脆、爽,蒸制品入口爽滑,炸制品脆)。

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