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Egg Tarts

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The egg tart or egg custard tart (Cantonese say "Dan Tat") is a kind of custard tart found in Hong Kong which was localized food from Portugal and English custard tarts, which consists of an outer pastry crust that is filled with egg custard and baked.

In 1950s, egg tarts are very popular Hong Kong restaurants, and they are usually served in the afternoon tea about three o'clock (we call it in Cantonese "Sam Dim Sam" means the time 3:15pm), most Hong Kong people would like to be served with the HK style milk tea and coffee.

Overall, Hong Kong egg tarts have two main types of crusts: shortcrust pastry or puff pastry, traditionally made with lard rather than butter or shortening. They are both filled with a rich custard that is much eggier and less creamy than English custard tarts.

Size of the egg tart in Hong Kong becomes smaller and smaller comparing to the old day. It is exactly reflecting the size of the living space in Hong Kong due to the rent is a critical element affect the cost of the good but also the business.

Today, egg tarts come in many variations within Hong Kong cuisine, including egg white, milk, honey-egg, ginger-flavoured egg, which are variations of a traditional milk custard and egg custard, and also chocolate tarts, green-tea-flavoured tarts, and even bird's nest tarts.

Latest trend is Lava Cheese Tart for new generation in Hong Kong

Unlike English custard tarts, egg tarts are not sprinkled with ground nutmeg or cinnamon before serving. It is also served piping hot rather than at room temperature like English custard tarts.

English : Egg Tart
香港叫:蛋撻 或 
ภาษาไทย : ทาร์ตไข่

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