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This is our favorite snacks in Hong Kong from old days till now. The best with crispy outside, but spongy inside, a bit chewy with the egg flavour.

Hong Kong Egg Waffles | Kirbie's Cravings | A San Diego food & travel blog
Hong Kong snacks is a small business, the rent of a small shop is always more expensive than a large shop comparing by dollars per square meter. Why every time many tourists ask the shop is disappear when they return only in few months? It is because the rent can be increase from US$5,000 to $11,000 per month in the same year. The price for a piece of Gai Daan Jai is only selling at US$1.5 but need to spend 8 minutes in the molding not even mention about the preparation beforehand.

Shop owner can either increase the price, or working harder from 10 hours to 12 hours, but you should understand that 1 minutes has only 60 seconds in our Earth. Shop owner also need to work faster with 2 hands seems a 4-hands persons during the peak hours. Last, you will see how exhausted a day and I seldom see a shop is willing to closed one single day in the whole year. That's will be the Chinese New Year if it counts.

The rent of Fung Gei (豐記雞蛋仔) Gai Daan Jai shop in 2014 is US$25,641/month, thus he need to share half of the shop to other selling Pearl Milk Tea.

What's eating Gai Daan Jai the most, not local Hong Kong people nor tourists like you, but the property owners will bite more than half of the piece before the shop owner hands it to you.
In the early 1950s, egg waffles firstly appeared in Hong Kong and have since become a popular street snack. People back then didn't want to waste broken eggs which could not be sold to customers, so they created the egg shaped iron machine and blended egg with milk and flour to make this meaningful and tasty waffle.

Hong Kong egg waffles look deceptively easy to make, but attempts to reproduce that street-side flavor at home often disappoint. We usually find ourselves returning to these gai daan jai vendors eat again.

Unlike the fancy electricity-powered waffle makers that are used throughout the city, 73-year-old Ah Bak (an endearment for "old man," as the vendor is known) uses a frills-free set up of burning charcoal and well-worn waffle moulds.

This most famous egg waffles - a spherical egg-based waffle with an eggy leavened batter cooked between two plates of semi-spherical cells by its original Cantonese name, gai daan jai (鷄蛋仔) which was originated and invented in Hong Kong.

Now it stirs up the world with the names such as Eggettes, Eggloo or Hong Kong Style Egg Waffle Ice Cream Cones...etc.

What make it different with the traditional grid cake with square pattern? The oval egg-shape is crucial factor to make it different, only the experience maker know the trick that one side should be cook longer to leave a spongy egg-yolk-alike inside of each gai daan jai, see the picture.

You can select the crispy of chewy depends on your own recipe and eating method, especially the trendy of fusion recipes vs original traditional taste. However, if you drop by Hong Kong, it is a must to taste the original eggy flavor that's still the best selling type overall.

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Gai daan tsai challenge: The quest for Hong Kong's best egg waffle by Charmaine Mok

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Are puffle cones the new cronut? Ice cream wrapped in supersized waffles are sending dessert lovers into a frenzy

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What do you think about this snack? a fusion snack or mutant snack?

We will discuss not just the recipes, but methods and procedures in few ways:
1. Traditional method 傳統
2. Ancient method 古法
3. New/Creative method 創新
4. Fusion method 融匯
5. Mutant method 變種

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