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HK three stuffed treasures Recipes 煎釀三寶

How To Make Stuffed Three Treasures (釀三寶) -
Chef Paul is funny, but his recipe is really Hong Kong style for restaurant.

[街頭小食] 煎釀三寶食譜 Stuffed Three Treasures Recipe * Amy Kitchen

Amy is doing nice presentation, enjoy the video.

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Three stuffed treasures is a common snacks on the street in old days, but actually there are not just "Three" but quiet a few selection you can choose from. These were the following that the fish paste stuffed with:
1. Tofu
2. Eggplant
3. Green Bell Pepper
4. Red Bell Pepper
5. Red sausage
6. Green Chili

My favorite is fish paste stuffed with Eggplant, Tofu and Green Bell Pepper. The three stuffed treasures originally selling on the street is using sweet source or chili source, not until later, this dish was introduced in the restaurant, and the chef is putting the black bean source on it. There are two reasons, one is that the one selling on the street will cook it right in front of you, but most restaurants must need to precook them or even cook it in the stall, when it reach to the customer's table, the food will bey dry on the surface. The soybean source actually contain the soy sauce flavor and it can protect them dry as well.

There is a lot of wrong doing on the fish paste stuffed with tofu and eggplant in my opinion. First the tofu was in triangle shape which is much easier to put into your mouth, especially when you are using only bamboo stick, that's the only tool you have. The second one is the Chinese eggplant we cut and should stuffed with fish paste in the middle. It supposed deep fry both sides on the top and bottom and the oil just reach to the half of the height. Only ONE flip and the experienced seller never over cook them and if the skin of the eggplant too thick, it is not delicious.

Green chili is spicy, but it really tasty.

Reference from: Internet and thanks for the Apple Daily photo.
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