10 Hong Kong street food snacks you need to sample today: Heads up, foodies! Ready to savour Hong Kong’s most delectable street snacks? Check out our bucket list.

Egg Tarts

Fish Balls
Cart Noodles

" The fishball snack business run by Halina Tam Siu-wan, winner of the 1994 Miss Hong Kong Pageant, has just expanded into East Tsim Sha Tsui from its first foothold in Causeway Bay."

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I love fishballs when I was a kid, and I thought that is a common snacks everywhere, but Hong Kong is the best. When I go to aboard in Canada, Australia, there is no such delious Fish Balls, you cannot make them with fish at home. 

You can always DIY home made bread, cake at home in other countries, and you cannot make fish balls and meat balls. The worst thing to compare what cultural difference how to consider "Fresh" say example in Australia, any fish within 3 days consider fresh.

Our Hong Kong expectation will be just kill the fish from fresh and the seafood must be fresh and it jump up and down before killing.

Only fresh raw materials making really delicious food.

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